One Marriage in the Peace Corps: Part II

I looked at the statistics for our blog and found that far and away
the two entries that are found most often by searches are Kristy’s
about music in the Dominican Republic and mine about being married in
the Peace Corps, which I wrote back in January 2011. That was just two
months into our service. I went back and looked at this entry and it
clearly needs to get updated. It’s not necessarily inaccurate, but it
was written during a very chaotic and confusing time of transition. We
were living with a host family, couldn’t communicate well, didn’t know
the community, didn’t know the area, and it took a lot of time for us
to get any initial projects off the ground.

So for all you inquisitive married couples with questions about Peace
Corps service, let me bookend the blog regarding this topic by sharing
the advice of a married volunteer who is beginning his extension
of service with his wife: Do it.

The difficult parts of marriage are more so, and the good parts are
better. You will have someone to lean on and share the experience
with, which all the single volunteers will envy. You will be taken a
bit more seriously in your community, though not having kids will make
you seem like crazy people. And while you will still have to deal with
loneliness, unlike most volunteers you will have another American
living under the same (small) roof. You will have unique obstacles and
frustrations that single volunteers won’t see, but overall they are
right to be jealous. We are very glad we served with a spouse, and I
believe the other three couples in our group would say the same thing.

And as a reference, we just had our five year anniversary a month ago.
When we leave in June we will have spent half our marriage in the
Peace Corps.

If you have a healthy relationship and will be committed to making it
work, it’s totally worth it. Do it.

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